Eikoh Patent Firm, P.C. is one of the most experienced domestic IP service providers in Japan. Founded in 1973, Eikoh has facilitated the application process for
thousands of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks to the Japan
Patent Office for clients in Japan and abroad.

Customer-oriented, our fundamental philosophy is unparalleled service. Eikoh
Patent Firm provides timely and professional IP duties while maintaining the
strictest adherence to legal ethics and compliance. Our mantra is zero margin of
error. With more than 40 years handling millions of prosecution and renewal
transactions, Eikoh has developed a failsafe docketing system, devoting thirty
percent of our staff to the administration of paperwork related to client case loads.
Without such mechanisms in place, we could not in good conscience establish a
business relationship with an applicant. Based on such a secured docketing system,
Eikoh is positioned to handle the most complex, high-stakes matters with utmost

Eikoh offers a depth of knowledge found in few other patent law firms, employing
seasoned, accomplished professionals drawn from industry, academics and
government. Among our ranks are a former Examiner, a former Appeal Examiner,
and a former Director in the Appeals Department from the Japan
Patent Office, as well as former Judicial and Technical Research Officials in the
Tokyo District and High Courts. Our IP staff has earned their doctorates and
post-doctorates at some of the country's most prestigious universities and have
worked for major corporations in a variety of industries.

Yuriko Hamada,Representative Partner
Kenji Kitajima, Partenr
Eikoh currently employs 14 patent attorneys

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